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Founded in 2002,Jiangyan Cassidi Glass Products Co.,Ltd is located in Jiangyan Jiangsu province,location is advantage and traffic is convenient.The main production of our company are series slides and cover glass,devote to provide the professional services to customers all over the world,the products are widely used in medical, research, teaching and other fields.


Our products are cutted by mechanized continuous prcessing line,are finly and carefully grinded and polished under the control of computers,are rinsed and cleaned with fully-automatic fully-enclosed ultrasonic wave and ultra-pure water,are purified and dried with constant temperature tunnel oven,and are deoxidized and vacuum-packed,products are variety,and the quality reach to the advanced level, are exported to Europe, America,Australia,Southeast Asia and so on.Our company had past the ISO9001 and FDA Certificated.Approved the use of EU product quality and safety of the CE mark.


Our company still continue to improve product quality to meet the changement and have the courage to innovation,with excellent quality,reasonable price,whole heartedly service,enthusiasm and loyalty to negotiate with the new and old customers, together for a better future.

Jiangyan Cassidi Glass products Co., Ltd.
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Add£ºGroup 4 Yanggang Village , Zhangdian Town,Jiangyan,Jiangsu 225527,China
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